We are happy to invite you to a new exhibition at the CZA: "Leaders as people". 
An exhibition that provides a different and informal look at the Zionist leaders.
Thirty photos have been brought from the cellars of the Central Zionist Archives, enlarged and hung on the walls of the entrance hall. The common denominator: Zionist leaders who were "caught" informally. At a formal meeting or a private event, exploring the land of Israel or traveling around the world, taking a dip in cool water or strolling with the family, dedicating themselves to the photographer in the studio, gazing into the camera, or not aware of its existence.
Here is a glimpse of the exhibition:
One can only speculate what Golda Meir, head of the Political Department of the Jewish Agency, and Mr. Herman Gilman, one of the major contributors to the Jewish community in Boston, discussed as they observed a Bedouin approaching with his camel, to help repair the vehicle which had gotten stuck on the way to the Negev, April 1947.
[Keren Hayesod Collection | NKH\450402]​
With a formal suit and a cigar, mounted on a camel, Nahum Sokolow, president of the WZO, along with his wife, Regina, visited the pyramids in Egypt, on their way to Palestine.
[Nahum Sokolow Collection | PHNS\1410277]
Without a suit or a tie, without Land Registry documents or a suitcase, Yehoshua Hankin searched for lands throughout Palestine, in order to set up new settlements. Nahr Mufjir (Hadera River), 1910.
[General Collection | PHG\1017645]​
The exhibition is open to the public on Sunday-Thursday, 9:00-15:00.
Guided tours must be coordinated in advance: 02-6204883 | ayeleth@wzo.org.il