Reading Room

כרזה לטו בשבט (KRA\77)מפת סימון תחומי הישוב נהלל, 1922 (KL5M\6660) 

In the reading room of the CZA, there are computers for use by the visitors. One can carry out searches in the various databases of the Archives. Some of the material is scanned and may also be viewed on the reading room computers. If the files are not scanned, they can be ordered from the storerooms.


  • Most of the photographs, posters, handbills, and maps are scanned and can be viewed on the computers in the reading room. It is also possible to view them as thumbnails on the CZA website. It is possible to order from the storerooms un-scanned maps, but not un-scanned photographs.
  • Some of the files are scanned and can be viewed on the reading room computers. Scanned files cannot be ordered from the storerooms.
  • There may be access restrictions on files at the donator's request or because of privacy matters. Requests for the review of those files must be directed to the archivist on duty in the reading room. Permission to review the files will be given only after examining each request.
  • Researchers may use their personal digital camera or mobile phone to photograph documents or the computer screen (in the case of scanned documents), for free.
  • Researchers may receive digital copies of scanned and un-scanned documents via email, for a fee (working copies only, not for publication purposes). The costs of the various ways of receiving copies of archival material are detailed in the price list.
  • ​Researchers may not request photocopies of articles and pictures from the volumes in the Newspaper Collection or the Library Collection, but it is possible to photograph them with a digital camera.

Rules of conduct in the reading room:

- ​Only a laptop (without a bag), a camera or a scanner, and writing equipment may be       

   brought into the reading room. Other equipment should be placed on the shelves near 

   the archivist on duty.

- Silence must be maintained in the reading room. Mobile telephone calls in the reading 

   room and the corridor are strictly prohibited. The mobile telephones may be activated 

   on "vibrate" only.

- Food or drink may not be brought into the reading room. There are seating areas near the 

  elevators for guests to eat and make phone calls.​