Newspaper Collections

The Newspaper Collection of the CZA contains newspapers and periodicals of Zionist and general Jewish bodies and institutions, in pre-State Palestine, Israel and the Diaspora, since the 19th century until the present. The collection numbers about 13,500 titles.
The newspapers put out in pre-State Palestine and Israel represent the various parties and associations that were active in the Land of Israel before the establishment of the State and immediately afterwards.
In addition, there are numerous publications and newspapers of Jewish communities in the Diaspora. This fact is reflected inter alia in the variety of languages constituting the collection.
The collection also includes newsletters of the various settlements and kibbutzim, which record the history of Jewish settlement from its beginning. The Zionist Archives ceased to collect the flyers of the settlements and the kibbutzim from the end of 1989 onward.
Language of registration: The newspaper titles are registered in accordance with the original language of the newspaper.
The structure of the newspaper collection
The Newspaper Collection is coded under the prefix PR.
Each newspaper/periodical has a unique number.
For example:
The code of the "Haaretz" newspaper is PR\25005
The code of the "Doar Hayom" newspaper is PR\25001
The original newspapers are bound chronologically according to months and years. Sometimes, the Archives has only a partial run of a newspaper or periodical.