Additional Articles

Kurt Becher in front of the Nurenberg Tribunal
A new photo collection in the CZA depicts the many activities of the WIZO organization
Nathan Havkin and the origins of the vegetarian movement in Israel
The story of the soldier appearing in the recruitment poster of the ATS
An exhibition about medicine is on display at the Tower of David. The CZA gave items for display.
Archival documentation of the 1914 deportation from Tel Aviv
The story of the luxury hotel in Jerusalem throughout the 20th century
The Anna Riwkin photo collection is one of the most vast and colorful photo collections in the CZA
Erwin Rosenberger, the editor of the Die Welt, writes about his personal acquaintance with Herzl
The Herzl archive contains notes written by Trude Herzl in Theresienstadt
The story of the colony of the English Christian Mission south of Jerusalem
The Hadassah hospitals have been an integral part of Jerusalem since they were founded.
A first hand description of the Auschwitz - Birkenau camp by an escaped inmate
Brit Shalom movement is considered the beginning of the peace movement in Israel. Its archive is kept in the CZA
Selected posters from the Hebrew Language Campaign
Photos from the early days of the Israel Electric Corporation
A statement delivered by Mary Benson before the UN about Nelson Mandela.
The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered on November 29th, 1947
About Druyanow's Book of Jokes and Antics
About Jewish folklore in Eretz Israel
The first psychiatric hospital in the Middle East
A letter sent from Julain Tuwim to Hillel Yaffe in 1940, tells the story of the escape of one of Poland's greatest writers from the Nazi regime
One of the un-known books of Hemda Ben Yehuda that is kept at the CZA
Historical documents from past Maccabiahs
The fascinating story of Rudolphina Menzel, the first dog trainer in Israel
A story From Nira, a volunteer at the CZA
Once there was a lake: the story of the Hula lake and the founding of the Hula nature reservation
The story of Irma Lindheim, an important figure in Haddasah organization and th Kibbutzim movement
The zvi Oron archive is exhibited in the Eretz Israel Museum
The story of David Samuel, a guest speaker at "Emunah" meeting
The 10th Independence Day celebrations of Israel
The story of the Jewish Agency's Search Bureau for Missing Relatives
Donald Trump is arriving to Israel. Which other Presidents came?
A new website to one of the leaders of the Zionist Movement in its early days
Ruth Baki Kolodny writes about Trumpeldor
A new book writen by David Ussishkin
A researcher writes of her experience at the CZA
On the occasion of the international Holocaust day - a look at a document that tells the story of the interrogation of Eva Michaelis by Adolf Eichmann
About Yehoshua Ben - Aryeh's new book
Personal letters of Boris Schatz found in the CZA shed light on his relationship with his lost daughter
Marlene Dietrich came to visit Israel in 1960. The CZA houses rare documentation of the visit.
The Museum of Art in Ein Harod is showing an exhibition on children's culture.
David Reznik that passed away in the past month was one of the most prominent architects in Israel. His personal archive is kept in the CZA
Documents from the CZA were displayed recently in Taryn Simon's exhibition at the MoMA
Recently, a plan has been approved to rebuild the area surrounding the archives.