Hebrew Language Day

This week we mark the "Hebrew Language Day” which falls on the date of birth of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, the “reviver” of the Hebrew language. The purpose of this day is to promote the Hebrew language in Israel and around the world. Repeatedly, during the twentieth century there were attempts to strengthen the status of the revived Hebrew language in Israel. We have chosen to focus on a specific campaign, initiated by the State of Israel in the fifties.
After the establishment of the State, many immigrants from all over the world arrived in Israel. The population of Israel doubled within a few years. This fast growth caused quite a few difficulties in the absorption of the new immigrants. Amongst the many problems, was a lack of knowledge regarding the language and the local culture. In order to reduce this disparity, in 1954 the Government initiated a campaign to strengthen the knowledge of Hebrew amongst the people. Special Hebrew courses were opened for adults and posters were designed that demonstrated words in Hebrew and the use of the language in day to day life.
At that time, the use of posters and handbills on message boards in the cities was the main way to spread messages to the public. The CZA holds many posters on the Hebrew Language Campaign, selected posters of which are shown in the gallery bellow.