Trude Herzl in Theresienstadt


September 10th, 1942


After a disastrous day, one minute was pleasing. I received two rolls with butter, pear and cucumber from the gracious gentleman, who recently was here with Sister G. He shook my hand and brought greetings from the "Seegasse".*
*A famous Jewish cemetery in Vienna.




Semptember 18th, 1942
Address to the chairman of the Zionist group in Theresienstadt:
As the youngest daughter of the late Zionist leader Theodor Herzl, I take the liberty to report to the Zionists located here and to ask for your help and support in the current difficult times.
With Zion's greetings, humbly,


Mrs. M.T. Neumann – Herzl
Transport number: 634/E IV
Address: L 124 Sprengelschule 




September 25th, 1942:
Last piece of paper. What will I do without the possibility to write? Riddles? I've just tried to lock my leather suitcase and found both locks ruined. We have throngs of people in the room. For example a patient calles (L) came in yesterday. You never know who will enter next. What a spectacle! As I was just cleaning my brushes and combs, my husband came in with a woman  from the criminal police, who will search for the lost suitcase and packages. I might have to go myself and find my package.


Trude Herzl