Plans for a future complex

  The capital of Jerusalem is known for its historical sites and timeless allure, but no 3000 year old beauty would say no to a little nip and tuck.  In recent years, Jerusalem has been transforming and improving its appearance. Projects such as the founding of the Mamilla shopping center and The Jerusalem Light Rail are just some of the manifestations of this trend of renewal and rejuvenation. Now, The Central Zionist Archives' management is happy to announce that The Archives is to be included in this process.
   Recently, a plan for the upgrading of the CZA' complex has been approved, as part of a wider plan for the renewal of the western entrance to the city. According to this plan, the complex of The International Congress Center, adjacent to The Archives, is set to become a business and commercial center, bustling with activity. The future complex will include hotels,  restaurants  and other places of business. The plot on the other side of The Archives is to be the new home of The Israel State Archives, now in Talpiyot. As part of the expansion of the complex, The Archives, now lurking almost clandestinely behind the highway, is to be the heart of a lively new business, commercial and cultural center.
  The Zionist Archives have come a long way since its founding in 1919 in Berlin. Following the Nazi rise to power in 1933, The Archives was moved to Israel, and was housed in the building of the national institutions. After the founding of the state, The Archives' collections grew rapidly, especially after the Zionist congress of 1956 that established The Archives as the official archive of The World Zionist Organization.   During the years, lack of storage space prompted the management of The Archives to store archival materials in different locations in the city. In the mid 80's it was decided to relocate the archive in its entirety to a new building that was inaugurated in 1987, where it resides to this day.  Some staff members still remember the first days of the new building, when the paint was still fresh on the walls and a sense of a new beginning filled the air.
  Before work on the new complex begins, take a look at the construction site for the current CZA building.