Genealogical Search

In order to perform research in the genealogical collections we hold, we need information. To help us obtain that information, please fill in the appropriate form:
The form can be sent to the CZA via mail or email . Every piece of information is important, even if it is not absolutely accurate.
The cost of the service: 180 NIS per request
Note! The Archives charges a fee for this service, even if no information on the person is found. Each request is dealt with only after payment is received. The processing of applications takes three to four months from the time of their acceptance at the CZA.
Means of payment:
  • Payment by credit card - After receiving the form by email, we will contact to arrange the payment.
  • Payment by check payable to the Central Zionist Archives and sent to the following address: The Central Zionist Archives, The Family Research Department, P.O.B. 92, Jerusalem 91000.
Upon completion of the processing, a letter summarizing the results of the search and photocopies of the relevant documents found, if any, will be sent to the applicant.


For more information about the Genealogy Databases held at the CZA press here.