Illegal Immigration

מעפילים על האוניה "אקסודוס". 1947
The general correspondence files at the Central Zionist Archives, especially the files of the Political Department and the Immigration Department of the Jewish Agency, and the files of the Cyprus deportee camps, include many lists of passengers who sailed to Palestine on the illegal ships. Most of these files are in Hebrew; however, they also contain documents in English, German, and other languages, according to the correspondents.
Researchers researching their roots, who know the name of the ship on which their relative arrived illegally, or the day of his/her arrival, can browse the various lists and verify if the name of their relative appears on the list.
People researching their family roots can visit the Archives or do a search on the website in order to locate relevant files. Some of the files have been scanned and are accessible on the website. 
             האנייה פרובידנץ. קבוצת נוער הפועל המזרחי מניפה את דגלה על סיפון האוניה. חיפה, 1947 נוער עולה בין מעפילי האוניה המעפיל האלמוני בחיפה לפני הגירוש לקפריסין. 1947    


Israel Genealogy Research Association
During the past decade, Volunteers of the Israel Genealogy Research Association started locating and photocopying lists of the names of illegal immigrants and entered the names into a computerized database.
So far, approximately 26,400 names (out of approximately 130,000 illegal immigrants) have been entered.
When the project is completed, the database will be accessible to scholars. For the time being, researchers have to browse the general correspondence files and try to locate them in the lists of illegal immigrants, or refer to the family research section according to the guidelines in the information pages of the Family Research Section.
        נוסעים על סיפון האקסודוס. 1947  כרוז הקורא למאבק למען העליה הבלתי לגאלית  מעפילים קשישים מובלים לקפריסין 1947