Immigrant's Card Catalog – JTO Archives – A36C
A small group led by the writer Israel Zangwill seceded from the Zionist Organization after the "Uganda plan" was finally rejected by the 7th Zionist Congress. In 1905 this group established the Jewish Territorial Organization (JTO).Its purpose was to find territories in various countries where Jewish autonomy could exist. The archives of the Jewish Territorial Organization (JTO) is preserved at the Central Zionist Archives (A36).This archive contains catalog ordered by nameof East European Jews who wished to immigrate, with the help of the JTO, to the United States in the second decade of the 1900s
  Israel Zangwill      

A card catalog of people seeking aid from the Zionist Bureau in Warsaw, 1918 – A121C 

The personal archives of Jacobus Cahn (born The Hague, 1872 – died Theresienstadt, 1944), a Dutch banker who was close to Herzl and a senior Zionist official, is preserved at the Central Zionist Archives (A121).
This archive contains a card catalog of aid seekers from Warsaw who solicited financial help from their relatives in the USA in 1918.

This card catalog is accessible on this website.
   Jacobus Cahn