Accessibility Statement

The Central Zionist Archives sees the utmost importance in providing equitable service to all of our clients, including website users and therefore our institution invests great efforts and resources to make our website accessible.​ 

The offices are located on the fifth floor of the office complex of Binyanei HaUma, 1 Shazar Blvd., Jerusalem. Prior coordination by email is required to visit the Archives.

Additional means of contact:

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday between 08:00-15:00


Mail delivery: P.O.Box 92, Jerusalem, 9100002

Fax: 02-6204837

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An access menu has been installed on this website. To open the access menu click on the button at the lower-left side of the screen:

 כפתור נגישות

The CZA is in the process of characterizing a new website, which will be accessible to people with various disabilities by the most advanced means. Today, the website allows search throughout the collections without having to come to the Archives building. Most of the photographs, posters, handbills, and maps are scanned and can be viewed from your personal computer (click for more information about the online search​). Scanned documents can be ordered and received by email (with payment).


It is important to note that despite our best efforts to make all website pages accessible, some sites may not be available (whether originating on other websites and\or due to technological limitations). As part of our commitment to enable the use of the CZA website for all our clients, including persons with disabilities, we continue our efforts to maintain and improve the level of accessibility of the Website as much as possible.

We would be pleased to receive any response, idea or suggestion regarding the accessibility through the contact form. We will address the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.