About the Archives

The Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem holds millions of documents and pictures that tell innumerable stories about individuals, and the joint story of a people, since the dream of a "Jewish state" was woven, via the settlement enterprise, the absorption of immigrants, the strengthening of the Jewish settlement in Palestine in preparation for the establishment of a future state and until the first years of the State of Israel.
This site enables every visitor access to the collections kept in the CZA, access to the yellowing documents that silently unravel the history of a nation. The main objectives of the Archives are to collect documentation, to preserve, to expose and to make accessible to the public the archival material of the Zionist Movement. The Central Zionist Archives functions as the historic archives of the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund, the United Israel Appeal and the World Jewish Congress. In addition it holds archives of organizations and institutions of the Jewish population in the Land of Israel, as well as 1500 personal archives, including the heads and leaders of the Zionist Movement and the national funds and various personalities whose main life enterprise was expressed in activity for Zionist movement, in the Land of Israel and abroad, and for the building of the Land.
The Central Zionist Archives is an institution of the World Zionist Organization and its status was determined in decisions made in the 24th (1956) and the 27th (1965) Zionist Congresses.