Terms of Use

Terms of use of the collections by means of the website:
  • The online database and the scanned materials found on the website of the Central Zionist Archives are open to everyone.
  • It is prohibited to circulate, publish, present, or advertise the website content without receiving the permission of the Archives.
  • The use of the Archives' sources is subject to all the restrictions of copyright and the protection of privacy established by law. Permission to browse material from the Archives' collections does not grant the right to publish it, except in keeping with the terms prescribed by law.
  • It is forbidden to circulate, publish, present or advertise material from the Archives' collections without written consent from the Archives. In order to obtain permission from the Archives, it is necessary to select and fill out the appropriate form and send it to the Zionist Archives (cza@wzo.org.il):

1. Commercial use and publication of documents, photographs, posters, announcements, maps, artifacts, recordings, and genealogical material:  Request for commercial use.pdf 

2. Private or research use of documents, photographs, posters and handbills: Request for private or research use.pdf
Publication involves the payment of a fee that is determined by the Archives.
  • Credit shall be given to the Zionist Archives in any publication by means of the quote "from the collections of the Central Zionist Archives, Jerusalem".
  • The user is permitted to make reasonable use of the material according to the rules established by law. Fair use includes reasonable quoting from the material, indicating the source of the information and an accurate reference to the notation of the item, that is, its record group and item number, the file, the map, the photograph, the handbill, or the poster. For example:
     File* - S25\5927
     Map - KL5M\5612
     Photograph - PHG\1000017
     Handbill - KRU\18
     Poster - KRA\17
*If special items from the file are noted (a document, map, handbill, poster, or photograph), the quotation should be as in the following example:
Document from a file S25\5927-1t
Map from file S25\5927-1m
Broadsheet from file S25\5927–1kru
Poster from file S25\5927–1kra
Photograph from file S25\5927–1p
  •  A copy, printed or digital, of the publication based on material kept in the Central Zionist Archives must be submitted to the library of the Zionist Archives free of charge.