Daily events with a "CZA twist", unique personal archives of interesting historic figures, and more.

The story of "Struma" and of two children who received visas to Palestine the day before it sank.
The Maccabees, heroism and settlement in Zionist songs.
A new exhibition about photographers in Jerusalem at the "Tower of David" Museum.
The turbulent early years of the Bezalel Academy
The fascinating story of the uncompromising man who founded the Lehi.
A glimpse into the mind of a man who believed that only love would save the people of Israel
Posters and photographs from the Zionist Congresses towards the 37th Congress
Holiday greeting from the Russian king of Tea
Haj Amin al- Husseini and the Croatian Ustasha movement
Germans or Jews? The Blau Weiss youth movement
From the personal archive of Joseph Trumpeldor
67 years after he fell in the 1948 war, Moshe Wilinger's family said their farewell
Kurt Becher in front of the Nurenberg Tribunal
A new photo collection in the CZA depicts the many activities of the WIZO organization
Nathan Havkin and the origins of the vegetarian movement in Israel
The story of the soldier appearing in the recruitment poster of the ATS
An exhibition about medicine is on display at the Tower of David. The CZA gave items for display.
Archival documentation of the 1914 deportation from Tel Aviv
The story of the luxury hotel in Jerusalem throughout the 20th century