Presidential visit

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is arriving in Israel for a presidential visit. His visit is being accompanied by feverish preparations and with great excitement. Not wanting to stay out of the festivities, we gathered some photos and reports of previous visits of American presidents to Israel, from the Photographs and Newspaper Collections at the CZA.
A young John Kennedy in Israel
John Kennedy visited Israel in 1939, a long time before he became president of the United States. He was a 22 year old young man, the son of the American ambassador in London, Joseph Kennedy. Years later he would say that he visited Palestine at the time the White Paper was published, and this is how he became familiar with the Jewish-Arab conflict. 
. (PHO\1391089)
 John Kennedy in Palestine. Photograph: Zvi Oron
Another Kennedy in the Holy Land
Edward Kennedy, JFK's younger brother, came to Israel in 1962. In the photos, one can easily see the striking resemblance between the two brothers. During his visit he toured Givat Ram, and met David Ben Gurion and Yitzhak Ben Tzvi. .
Pictures of Edward Kennedy's visit to Israel. Photograph: Fritz Schlesinger
The First Lady, Elanor Roosevelt
Franklin Delano Roosevelt never came to Israel, but his wife did, a number of times. She was very active in the humanitarian field, and came here a number of times during the fifties. She took an interest in Youth Aliyah, and was so impressed by the organization that she agreed to be the international patron of the organization. During her visits to Israel she met the State leaders, as well as visiting absorption centers throughout the country.
Elanor Roosevelt with Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, 1959 (NSC\132711)Elanor Roosevelt with David Ben-Gurion, 1959 (PHKH\1288066)Elanor Roosevelt, the youth village Ayanot, 1955 (PHRS\1417798)
Eleanor Roosevelt at the President's Residence (Photograph: Fritz Schlesinger), With the prime minister (Keren Hayesod Collection), and at Einot Youth Village (Youth Aliyah Collection)
Richard Nixon's first official visit
Richard Nixon visited Israel for the first time in 1974, a mere two months before he had to bid farewell to capitol hill on account of Watergate. The Jerusaelm Post covered the banquet dinner that welcomed president and first lady Nixon, and described it all the way down  to the menue the presidential couple enjoyed (melon, trout, white wine and chocolate mousse, in case  you were wondering). 
The Jerusalem Post, 17.6.1974(PHIS\1472737)
The Jerusalem Post, 17.6.1974
Richard Nixon at the King David Hotel accompanied by Ephraim Katzir and Yitzhak Rabin.
Photo: Amaka (PHIS\1472822 | PHIS\1472844)
A visit to advance a peace agreement
Jimmy Carter was the second US president to arrive in Israel on March 10, 1979. He flew to Egypt and then came to Israel for a three-day visit. Carter decided to come to the Middle East to settle the dispute between Israel and Egypt over their peace agreement. While the negotiations reached a dead end, Carter's visit accelerated the process, and on March 26, the historic peace agreement was signed in Washington.

The Jerusalem Post, 11.3.1979
The Jerusalem Post, 11.3.1979
Former president in Israel
Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter are not the only presidents who came to Israel in the seventies. Former president Gerald Ford arrived here in that era after he left office.  
A reception of the Jerusalem Municipality in honor of Gerald Ford, 1979