Celebrating the first decade

 Poster for the Decade celebrations (KRA\338)Poster for the Decade celebrations (KRA\270)Poster for the Decade celebrations (KRA\1687)

We all have a tendency to note round numbers. This quality did not skip over the young State of Israel, and in 1958 its citizens prepared special celebrations to mark the ten years since its establishment. The celebrations were more festive, the fireworks were more impressive, posters were published in honor of the decade celebrations, and of course the newspapers wrote special supplements for Independence Day.
The magazine cover of "HaBoker"The magazine cover of "Davar"The 65th Independence Day of Israel is approaching, and we decided to look back on the daily newspapers held at the CZA from the 10th Independence Day celebrations. From an examination of these supplements, one can learn about Israeli society in the late 50’s and can read about the events surrounding the establishment of the State, closer to the time they occurred. One can see how the young state regarded its first years – its achievements, the areas where improvement was needed and its plans for the future.
The sections below show reviews from the newspapers regarding various subjects related to the decade celebrations: the way coins, bills and stamps were made when the State was founded, the longing for the places that did not remain under Israel's control after the War of Independence, a summary of Israel's achievements in agriculture and archeology, a review about immigration to Israel, and of course, the special interview with the Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion…