The Central Zionist Archives would like to thank Matityahu Droblas for initiating the setting up of a new website, and the World Zionist Organization, for helping in the realization of the idea. Our thanks is extended to all those who helped to plan and implement this website and in particular we'd like to note the contribution of Lalan, the Computerizing Division of the Jewish Agency, for accompanying the project from the start.
Over the years a number of people and organizations have helped in the large-scale computerization and digitization projects that provide the basis for this website. In particular we'd like to thank the following institutions and people for their generous help: 
  • The World Zionist Organization
  • The Jewish Agency
  • The Jewish National Fund
  • Keren Hayesod
  • The Settlement Division of the Jewish Agency
  • The World Jewish Congress
  • The Judaic Division, Harvard College Library, Harvard University 
  • The Conference of Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Yad Hanadiv
  • George Blumenthal
  • The Prime Minister's Office
We would also like to thank the following persons and organizations for their cooperation and help in various projects:
  • The Stern Family
  • The Admati Society
  • The Society for the Commemoration of  Max I. Bodenheimer and Hannah Henriette  Bodenheimer
  • The Office of the Custodian General
  • The Association of Immigrants from Czechoslovakia
  • The Sephardi Federation
  • The Israel State Archives
  • Manfred Anson


This site has quoted extensively from the various books by Mordecai Naor, and especially from the book Zionism. Timeline, Articles, Documents, Glossary. The First 120 Years, 1882-2002. Published by The Jewish Agency for Israel and the Zionist Library. Jerusalem 2002.