Price List

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Comments Fee The service

free Digital photograph of an unscanned page or a screenshot by the researchers
1 NIS​ per page ​A printed copy of a page that is not scanned.
A handling fee of 50 NIS will be added to an order of more than 20 pages. 1.5 NIS per page Sending scanned document by email
For each \ up to 10 files 50 NIS
Sending scanned files by email
​50 NIS ​Stamp of a certified copy​
Up to 100 pages each envelope
20 NIS for mailing address in Israel
10 USD for mailing address abroad
Sending copies by the postal services
Please contact the relevant department 120 Nis per item Document for publication
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Maps \ Photographs \ Posters
Comments Fee The service
​10 NIS per page ​A4 printed copy (black and white)
​Please contact the relevant department. 
An item of unusual size will be priced according to the printing house​.
​40-100 NIS Scans of graphic items​
In existing resolution. For higher resolution, please contact the relevant department.

*In presenting a student ID
40 NIS for a researcher
10 NIS for a student*
Sending digital copy by email
In accordance with the Archives' management. 120 NIS​ Sending digital copy for documentation file or publication
       * The price list is valid from​ 13.12.2020