Graphic Collections

The Graphic Collection contains two collections: the Poster Collection and the Notices and Handbills Collection.
The Posters Collection contains about 4,500 posters from the 1920s to the present. The posters are impressive in their beauty and diversity. The posters were published by the various institutions of the Zionist Movement, the JNF, the UJA, the organizations of the Jewish settlement in Palestine during the period of the British Mandate, the various ministries of the Israeli Government as well as various commercial bodies that were active in the Land of Israel over the years. The posters deal with a wide range of topics that reflect the life of an emerging nation in art and color.
The Notices and Handbills Collection contains about 22,000 items that convey information to the public using text format alone, without graphic illustrations. The notices and handbills were issued by various bodies and organizations: town municipalities, regional councils, political parties, government ministries, the Chief Rabbinate, etc.
Language of description: Most of the descriptions of the posters are in Hebrew and English. The descriptions of the handbills are in Hebrew alone.
The structure of the graphic collections:
The section is arranged according to collections, and the items are coded accordingly.
The items belonging to the Posters Collection are coded, for example, as: KRA\1343.
The items belonging to the Notices and Handbills Collection are coded, for example, as: KRU\22343.
A poster found as an item in a file is coded as, for example: L18\4285-1kra. If another poster is indicated in the file, it is coded as L18\4285-2kra, etc.
A handbill found as an item in a file is recorded under a code, for example: L18\4285-1kru. If another handbill  is indicated in the file, it is coded as L18\4285-2kru, etc.