The Central Zionist Archives holds a wealth of collections that reflect Zionist activity over the course of the years: hundreds of thousands of correspondence files that contain the deliberations, memoirs, correspondence, minutes and decisions, of the Zionist Movement and the Jewish settlement in Palestine, in all its variations and forms. Alongside this material the CZA holds comprehensive collections of photographs, maps, posters, audio recordings and objects that reflect the places, landscapes, creative undertakings and voices of the founding of a country.
The personal archive of Theodor Herzl is kept at the CZA and and includes
original documents, certificates and family photos.



Lists of the Archival Records Groups and Collections
The archives of the institutions of the World Zionist organizations, the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund and Keren Hayesod, and of the various bodies of the Jewish settlement in Palestine.
A collection of about a million prints and negatives documenting life in Palestine and Zionist activity in the Diaspora, from the end of the nineteenth century till the end of the twentieth century.
About 130,000 maps and plans from the end of the nineteenth century onward, including maps of the Settlement Offices of the National Institutions, a collection of maps from the Mandate period and the collections of various well-known architects.
About 4,500 color posters put out by the National Institutions, organizations of the Jewish settlement in Palestine and various Government bodies, and over 22,000 proclamations and official announcements.
The library contains over 140,000 books, doctoral theses, articles and publications dealing with the various fields of study in the history of the Zionist movement, life in the Jewish yishuv in Palestine and the State of Israel.
Over 13,000 newspaper and journal titles in various languages, of various Zionist and Jewish bodies in Palestine and in the Jewish Diaspora, from the nineteenth century till today.
A collection of hundreds of microfilms, copies of archival material dealing with Zionism that is held in various archives around the world.
About 3,500 items, documenting, amongst other issues, discussions at the Zionist congresses, interviews with Zionist leaders, various ceremonies and speeches from various events.
About 2,500 objects and among them badges and medallions, objects created by the Cyprus camp internees, a collection of the Prisoners of Zion, and more.