Artifact Collections

The CZA’s Artifacts Collection contains about 1550 items. It consists of six individual collections: a General Collection, the Manfred Anson Collection, the Collection of the Camps of Jewish Exiles in Cyprus, the Collection of the Recruitment and Demobilization Offices, the "Prisoners of Zion" Collection, and a collection of emblems and medals. Among the various items, can be found works of art, such as oil paintings, children's drawings and ritual items. Other items reflect public protest activity, such as protest signs from the Mandate period and signs relating to the situation of Jews in the USSR. Especially notable is the Manfred Anson Collection, containing memorabilia associated with Theodor Herzl.
The Emblems and Medals Collection contains about 1000 items, documenting various events in the history of Zionism from the era of the first Zionist Congress until the years of the establishment of the State of Israel. The collection includes emblems, medals, lapel pins, pennants, coins, stamps, stickers, etc. Each item documents a special occasion for which it was issued, such as jubilee celebrations, an appreciation token, a victory token, an excellence token, and commemoration emblems. The agencies that produced the items are diverse, including the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund, the "Maccabi" organization, the Israel Defense Forces, various societies, local authorities, etc., 
Language of description: All the item descriptions are in Hebrew.
The structure of the museum collection:
The museum collection contains several collections coded under TZ.
For example:
TZ1 – the General Collection.
TZ3 – the Collection of the Camps of Jewish Exiles in Cyprus
TZ6 – the Emblems and Medals Collection
Within each collection, each item has a unique number. For instance: TZ1\10, etc.