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A mobile post office (PHR\1173188)
A switchboard for the blind 1956 (PHRS\1437516)
A Payphone in the Postal office (NSC\139109)
The army postal services (NKH\429486)

Phone number: 972-2-620-4800 | Fax: 972-2-620-4837 | Email:

Opening hours: Sunday- Thursday, 8:00-15:00. 
Files and other material are taken from the store-rooms at: 09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 13:30.
You may order up to 7 items at each of these times.
First-time visitors, before your first visit, contact us by mail in order to coordinate a time to receive initial guidance and advice on the subject of the research.
Consultation is given on Sundays-Thursdays, between 8:00-12:30.
Mailing address: POB 92, Jerusalem, 9100002, Israel.
How to get to the Archives:
You can get by bus or by the Jerusalem Light Rail to the Central Bus Station, and then cross to Zalman Shazar Avenue alongside the International Convention Center (ICC, Binyanei HaUma). The CZA building is located at the end of the lower parking lot of the ICC, next to the Egged bus parking lot.

Those coming by car can park (with payment) in the parking lot of the ICC.