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A mobile post office (PHR\1173188)
A switchboard for the blind 1956 (PHRS\1437516)
A Payphone in the Postal office (NSC\139109)
The army postal services (NKH\429486)

Phone number: 972-2-620-4800 | Fax: 972-2-620-4837 | Email:
Opening hours: Sunday- Thursday, 8:00-15:00.
Mailing address: POB 92, Jerusalem, 9100002, Israel.
How to get to the Archives:
Due to development work, the main entrance to the Archives (6th floor) is closed and a nearby entrance (5th floor) has opened. On-site signage have been placed to guide the visitors. 
From the Central Bus Station
(red line on the map):
Cross Jaffa Street and Zalman Shazar Avenue alongside the International Convention Center (ICC, Binyanei HaUma). Turn right towards the String Bridge and Adjacent to the red gate (which will be closed following the works) will be the new entrance to the Archives.
From the Cinema City and the National Insurance
(purple line on the map):
Follow Haim Weizman Boulevard near the National Insurance, pass through the Egged parking lot or the street leading to the Jerusalem Light Rail Bridge until you get to Shazar Avenue. There turn right and after a few meters, you will see the new entrance.
 The new entrance from the 5th floor
 ​שער הכניסה לארכיון הציוני
The main entrance to the archive is closed