Jerusalem Census

The Central Zionist Archives holds lists containing forms (in Hebrew) of the September 1939 Census of the Jews of Jerusalem. The census was conducted throughout Palestine on the eve of the outbreak of the Second World War, in order to provide information on enlistment into the British Army. In 1942 the findings of this census served as a basis for the lists of adults prepared by the General Council (Vaad Leumi) of the Jews of Palestine. Apparently only the census forms in Jerusalem have remained.
The census's findings, that is, the list of adults and the forms themselves, are preserved at the Central Zionist Archives.
                       פנקסי מפקד האוכלוסין בירושלים



The census forms are bound in volumes and arranged according to the neighborhoods and streets of Jerusalem. In order to find the name of a relative in the forms, it is necessary to know in which neighborhood or street in Jerusalem he lived. However, since the 1942 list of adults is arranged alphabetically with a mention of the neighborhood in which they resided, it is not difficult to find the original census form.
In the framework of the scanning project of the genealogical depositories of the Zionist Archives, all 89 lists of the census were scanned.
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