Books and Newspapers

The Central Zionist Archives’ collection of newspapers and periodicals holds newspapers and periodicals published in Palestine, the State of Israel and abroad by various Zionist organizations and bodies over the last 120 years. This collection contains relevant material for genealogical research.
Similarly, in the library of the Central Zionist Archives, it is possible to find yearbooks that also can contain relevant material as well.
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Below is information regarding the indexes of various newspapers.
 The CZA has a microfilm of an index, in English, of the British newspaper The Jewish Chronicle,  between the years 1841-1916.
The index is divided into various categories, among them, "personal" material and "topics". Researchers of family roots are likely to find interesting material here.
The Central Zionist Archives holds almost all the issues of the newspaper, so that if information is located in the indexes, it will be possible to browse the corresponding copy of The Jewish Chronicle.
The index of Die Welt is in German. The CZA holds almost all the issues of the newspaper, so that after the location of relevant information in the index, the researcher can order the specific issue of the newspaper that he needs.
An index of obituaries in the Mitteilungsblatt, - a german journal of "The Association of Immigrants from Central Europe" between the years 1933-1985- was prepared by the Society for the Commemoration of Max I. Bodenheimer and Hannah Henrietta Bodenheimer.

The Central Zionist Archives holds an almost complete collection of the issues of the newspaper, so that after relevant information is located in the index, it is possible to browse the specific issue of the newspaper itself.
There is no access on this website to the newspaper indexes, and the Zionist Archives is unable to conduct research in them for the public.
Interested persons must coordinate an appointment with the Archives.