Genealogy Databases

The Central Zionsit Archives hold three main sources dealing with legal immigration
Lists of passengers who sailed to Palestine on the illegal ships in the general correspondence files
The archives of the Youth Aliyah Department, 1932-1972
The archives of the deportation camps in Cyprus (1947-1949)
Recruits to the British Army During the Second World War
Database and files of the Relatives Search Burau of the Jewish Agency
Census of the Jewish Population of Jerusalem on the eve of the outbreak of the Second World War
Card catalogs of the Palestine Offices
Registers of immigrants that made aliyah to Palestine/Israel between the years 1919-1974
Card catalogs and personal files of immigrants and candidates for immigration
Card catalog of the Statistics Bureau of the Jewish Agency's Immigration Department
Archives of personalities who were active in Zionism worldwide, or were active in Palestine/Israel
Newspapers and periodicals published in Palestine, the State of Israel and abroad by various Zionist organizations
Archives of the Jewish Territorial Organization - JTO and the personal archives of Jacobus Cahn.