The harbingers of rain

Autumn has arrived. This time of year, we start to get ready for the winter. Below is a gallery displaying the anticipation for rain, preparations for the cold days, and a helping hand to the needy. Posters and handbills that will warm your heart.


Poster of the Teachers Council for the JNF with a quote from the poem "End of Summer" by Ze'ev. Designed by Agate (KRA\427)


 Poster of the Teachers Council for the JNF published between 1960 and 1980, with a quote from a poem by Levin Kipnis "Rain, please come down." Designed by Iza Hershkowitz (KRA\38)



A handbill of the Jerusalem Municipality advising cisterns owners to prepare them for the winter and how to store the rainwater most effectively, Jerusalem, 1949 (KRU\3428)



 A poster designed by Studio Shamir, apparently in the 1960s, for the Association of Furriers in Israel promoted Israeli fur. This industry flourished during the first decades of the state. Expert furriers designed luxury clothing for the local and international markets. Over the years, this trade decreased significantly. (KRA\1262)



Invention advertisement for the winter days with the patent no. 8323: Diaper Dryer, which could dry fabrics quickly when there were no disposable diapers or clothes dryers available. (KRA\2075)


  A call for donations of clothes for Haifa’s needy. Designed by Esther Berlin-Joel in 1943 amid World War II (KRA\1395)



 In the fall of 1951, Na'amat initiated a winter fundraiser for immigrants, housed in transit camps. After the unusually rainy winter of the previous year, they intended to prepare early for the upcoming cold season. Designed by Rothschild and Lippman. (KRA\1012)


There is nothing like pampering our soldiers – especially in cold weather. In 1956, the Jerusalem Municipality invited women to knit scarves and sweaters for soldiers to express their support and concern for their safety. (KRU\3843)