Stamps of the Diaspora

The Jewish National Fund printed many series of stamps, the income from which financed part of its operations. The JNF stamps were a big success: official letters of the Zionist institutions bore the stamps and Jews all over the world pasted them alongside the official stamps of their countries. As of today, the JNF has printed about 5,200 different stamps and about 1,500 series of stamps on subjects such as Zionism, Israel’s landscape, history, aspects of the Jewish legacy, environment and nature.
With the approach of Holocaust Remembrance Day we have chosen a number of stamps from a series printed by the JNF in 1943, called “Stamps of the Diaspora”. This series shows the life of the Jews in the Diaspora, and the Jewish communities before they were destroyed during the Second World War. The stamps were designed by Jewish artists who operated in the first half of the twentieth century and show images of the Jews in the diaspora. The stamps also show places in which the Jewish communities lived. The title that accompanies the series is: “We will never forget you, the Diaspora!”.