Family Day

The Central Zionist Archives holds a rich and diverse collection of posters and handbills from the period of the Yishuv and the early years of the State of Israel. The posters and handbills were displayed on bulletin boards around the cities, and that way messages and information were transferred to the wider public. The posters and handbills were used to address a wide array of subjects: Zionism, settlements, security, art, theater, health and more.
As “Family Day” is approaching, we decided to display a few posters that relate to the subject of the family. In 1947, the people in Palestine - like people around the world - began to celebrate one day of the year in honor of the mothers. The date chosen in Palestine to mark “Mother’s Day” was the Hebrew date of Lamed BeShvat, the 30th of Shvat, the date Henrietta Szold died. Henrietta Szold was the head of the Hadassah Organization, and was a mother figure to a lot of children who immigrated to Israel without their families, mainly through Youth Aliyah.

With time, “Mother’s Day” became “Family Day”, and is celebrated by the whole family. So have a happy “Family Day”!