The Central Zionist Archives holds a rich and diverse collection of posters and handbills from the period of the Yishuv and the early years of the State of Israel. The posters and handbills were displayed on bulletin boards around the cities, and that way, messages and information were transferred to the wider public.


The major sports events of today, such as the Giro d'Italia, the World Cup, and the Tour de France, take a central place in the public discourse. During the time of the British Mandate, it was no different. The large selection of posters and handbills about sport events kept in the Archives, proves this point. It comes from the English sports culture on one hand, and Zionism, which nurtured the image of the Jewish athlete, on the other. The sport branches in the posters are varied: swimming, soccer, boxing, gymnastics and swording.
Many sporting events took place in Palestine, where local groups of Jewish sports associations, local British groups and Arab groups participated. In addition to local competitions, there were also international competitions held in Palestine.

After the establishment of the State of Israel, sport continued to develop within the framework of the various sport associations, and the IDF also began holding various sporting events.
So before you go for a jog, take a minute to look at the collection below.


Target shooting competition, the Jewish Hunters Organization in Palestine, Haifa, June 1938 (KRA\1887)


A football match between Sarona Police and Degel-Zion, Tel Aviv, December 21, 1940 (KRA\2943)


i Day in Palestine, athletics competition, October 1941
Designed by: Rico Blass and Tzura Advertisment (KRA\1191)
International swiming championship in Bat Galim swimming pool, Haifa, September 1943 (KRU\7562)
Schedule of the Palestine basketball and volleyball cup competition, 1943 (KRU\7562)
Boxing international competitions with participans from the army, arabs clubs, and Hapoe
Haifa, May 1943 (KRA\1146) 
Swimming championship of Hapoel, Petah Tikva, August 1945. Designed by: Shamir (KRA\1110)
Fencing championship, Maccabi hall, Haifa, January 1946 (KRA\3179)
Kinneret crossing on behalf of Hapoel and Tiberias municipality, October 1951.
Designed by: Rico Blass (KRA\1148)
 Conference of Hapoel Association, April 1952. Designed by: Rico Blass
Competition between the French army team and the IDF team at the Municipal Stadium in Ramat Gan,
May 1957. Design: Zevdi (KRA\474)