"Let us build a Succah!" Poster of the JNF for Sukkot (KRA\1524)
The Central Zionist Archives holds a rich and diverse collection of posters and handbills from the period of the Yishuv and the early years of the State of Israel. The posters and handbills were displayed on bulletin boards around the cities, and in this way information was transferred to the wider public. The posters and handbills addressed a wide array of subjects: Zionism, settlements, security, art, theater, health and more.
Spending time in a simple sukkah out in nature, no matter what the weather is like and without too many luxuries– does this sound as though we are going back in time to the early days of the Yishuv? Even though Sukkot is a religious holiday, the similarity to practical Zionism is clear. The essence of this holiday is the connection to nature and the land.
To mark Sukkot we are presenting posters connected to the holiday. Have a happy holiday!