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In December 1966, Shmuel Yosef Agnon was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Various people and organizations had for a long time, recommended him to the Nobel Committee for Literature, until finally their efforts paid off.
General Allenby enters Jerusalem with his British entourage after the retreat of the Turkish army.
The Ezrah association began planning the Technion and decided that studies would be conducted in German and not Hebrew. This decision caused a public outrage in the Yishuv, and in 1913, a struggle began, known as the Language War.
"The S.S "Ruslan" reaches the Jaffa shore. On board are 671 returnees and olim from Russia. This is considered the beginning of the Third Aliyah- sometimes compared to the American Mayflower".(Naor, Zionism: Timeline, Articles, Documents, Glossary).
"Despite the tense security situation, the first concert of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra is held in Tel Aviv- the first cultural event of its kind. The conductor: Arturo Toscanini". (Naor, Zionism: Timeline, Articles, Documents, Glossary).