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The birthday of Pinhas Rutenberg, the founder of the Palestine Electric Company and the President of the Jewish National Council.
In Germany, Else Lasker Schueler, a Jewish expressionist poet, is born.
After the first elections for the Constituent Assembly, the first meeting was held in February 14th 1949 at the Jewish Agency building in Jerusalem.
In the midst of the Second World War, a group of 730 refugee children arrives in Israel. "The Tehran children" were Polish war refugees that were exiled to the USSR and reached Israel after a grueling, three and a half years long journey.
"First elections the Rabbinical Council of Palestine take place and two chief rabbis are chosen: Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, and Ya'akov Meir, Sephardi Chief Rabbi". (Naor, Zionism, Timeline, Articles, Documents, Glossary).