Holocaust Reparations

The Nazi political elite  was often to be seen driving a Mercedes Benz. Hitler's preferred vehicle was also a sleek and shiny bullet-proof Mercedes. Mercedes was one of the most cutting edge automobile manufacturers of the time and a popular road- bound status symbol of political figures and high society.   Himmler, number two in the Nazi echelon, head of the SS and the Gestapo, was also a car lover, and owned a green bullet proof Mercedes Benz as well.  After the end of WWII, these two cars were put on sale by the Unites Nations' International Refugee Organization. The proceeds were to go to survivors of the Nazi atrocities as reparations. This official IRO inner correspondence deals with the sale of Himmler's custom built 1939 Mercedes. 

IRO inner correspondence regarding the sale of Himmler's Mercedez (A444\64)