Kfar Giladi is established


Kfar Giladi, 1920's (PHKH\1279425)Kfar Giladi was founded during World War I on land owned by the Jewish Colonization Association. The founders of the settlement were members of the movement Hashomer, headed by Israel Giladi and other well-known people such as Israel and Manya Shochat, Joseph Trumpeldor, Alexander Zeid and Yitzhak Ben Zvi. The aspiration of the founders of the kibbutz was to settle within the borders of the Land of Israel, but in the most dangerous areas. That was the reason why they chose to set up a kibbutz on the northern reaches of Palestine. The kibbutz was first named “Bar Giora” after the organization Bar Giora, whose members had set up the Hashomer movement. In 1918, after the death of Israel Giladi, the leader of the movement, it was decided to name the settlement after him: Kfar Giladi.
The CZA holds documents and photographs which tell the story of one of the first kibbutzim in Palestine, whose founders fulfilled the Zionist vision in many ways, amongst them the settlement, working and defense of the land.