The establishment of Mapai


The members of Mapai at the 19th Zionist Congress, 1935 (PHG\1029173)Mapai (Mifleget Po’alei Eretz Israel) is a Zionist-Socialist party that was established in 1930. The party was a union of two workers' parties – Ahdut Avoda and HaPoe’l HaTzair. Mapai represented the authorities of the Yishuv and the State of Israel. The heads of Mapai were David Ben-Gurion, Berl Katznelson and Haim Arlosoroff. The members of the party held senior positions in the Zionist institutions and the institutions of the Yishuv, such as the Jewish Agency and the World Zionist Organization. Mapai was identified with practical Zionism and the labor settlements, and led the Yishuv in the process of establishing the State of Israel. Even after the establishment of the State, Mapai continued to be the ruling party for three more decades.
The CZA holds a unique collection of posters and handbills of various parties including Mapai. The posters played a central role in the party campaigns of that period. They show the proletariat, the ideal of pioneering work and the achievements of the party in the new state.