First Elections to the Chief Rabbinate


The first chief rabbis: Rabbi Kook and Rabbi Meir"First elections to the Rabbinical Council of Palestine take place and two chief rabbis are chosen: Rabbi Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, and Ya'akov Meir, Sephardi Chief Rabbi." (Mordecai Naor, Zionism. The First 120 Years. Timeline, Articles, Documents and Glossary. The Jewish Agency for Israel, The Zionist Library, 2002, p. 87) 
The Central Zionist Archives' catalogs include diverse and vast correspondences with and regarding the Chief Rabbinate in the years of the British Mandate in Israel, especially in the files of the General Council (Vaad Leumi) of the Jews of Palestine. The Photograph Collection includes photographs of the Rabbis at various events.