UN Approves UNSCOP Recommendations


"The UN Assembly approves the recommendation of the UNSCOP Committee by a majority of more than two-thirds (33 for, 13 against and 10 abstentions) - an end to the British mandate in Palestine, and the establishment of two states (Jewish and Arab) as well as an international zone in Jerusalem. The Jews in Eretz Israel and around the world rejoice; the Arabs threaten war." (Naor: Zionism. The First 120 Years. Timeline, Articles, Documents, Glossary. The Jewish Agency for Israel,The Publishing House of The Zionist Library, 2002, p. 137)
The political activity in the months preceding the end of the mandate was pronounced in documents, some of which are filed in the archival files of the political bureau and in personal archives such as Moshe Sharet's. The joy that took over the Jewish Yishuv in Israel is displayed before you in some of the photographs kept in The Archives.